Butterfly Foot Peel Review (purchased on eBay)

I wish I could recall how I came across foot peels (where have you been all my life?), but I know it was because I was looking for a cheaper version of the brand Baby Foot.  After hearing about Baby Foot, which retails for around $18-25/peel, I decided to search for a cheaper alternative.  Meet eBay.  Now, I do have some hesitations about ordering super cheap alternatives overseas, but there are times I do it and this was one of them.

The Butterfly foot peel was about $3.50 for one peel.  I purchased a few of them because I figured if it really worked, I would want to give a couple away to family to try and keep a couple more to have in my stash.

I read a few reviews and based upon some of the more common suggestions, I came up with a routine that would work for me.  I washed my feet and then soaked them for an hour prior to using the peel.  Then I wore the booties for an hour, with socks over top, and thoroughly rinsed my feet afterwards.  From there I used a small amount of lotion and then wore socks.  For the next two weeks I continued to put a small amount of lotion on my feet (once a day) and I wore socks.  Some reviews suggest you will get better results if you soak your feet nightly, but I really wasn’t that committed.

For those who are curious, the booties came sealed in a silver bag.  You unfold the booties, cut along the dotted line, and then put them on.  There are two sticker tags included so you can seal the booties around your ankles.  I wore socks over the booties and did not walk around, though I did squish my toes in the bag because I like that sloshing feeling and figured it may help distribute the product.  Okay, it’s really just because I like that sloshing feeling.  I knew I wasn’t making wine, but it’s fun to pretend.

The verdict?  Nine days after I wore the booties my feet did begin to peel.  My peeling was not the banana-style peeling you see online.  I had the annoying, rub-it-until-it-all-comes-off peeling.  I had read you aren’t supposed to peel it yourself, but after nine days, I couldn’t wait.  The back of my toes peeled, my heel peeled, my arches started to peel, and ultimately, I was left with a peeling mess for well over a week.  My feet were in worse shape than when I started.  In the end, my feet were baby soft.  I was surprised because for a while there, it was sketchy.  I continued using my lava rock pumice in the shower and I have worn lotion on my feet nightly, but I did those things before, too.  I am really pleased with the results of this product and would highly recommend trying it out.  Try it when you aren’t showing your feet, though, because the peeling process was not pretty.

Side Note:  I have since learned that I should have worn the booties for two hours, not one.  Damn me for not reading more clearly.  I wonder if my feet would have peeled better if I had done that.  At $3.50, I ended up purchasing a few more pairs.

⌘ Pricing & Availability:  I purchased these for $3.50 on eBay.  The seller I purchased from is no longer selling this product, but if you do a search, you can find a myriad of similar foot peels on eBay.  Pricing and availability are subject to change.  This post does not include an affiliate link.

Butterfly Foot Peel Review


  1. 1

    Kara says

    So glad I found your review! I tried the Baby Foot peel, and wanted to do another but hated paying $20+ for it! Definitely will give these a try…for $4 it’s worth a shot!
    In the event you try these peels again, everything I’ve read says NOT to put lotion on if you can help it. Something about putting moisture into the dead skin apparently prevents it from peeling effectively. I’m no scientist, but I had decent results that way!

    • 2

      Marie says

      Hi Kara!

      You know, that really makes sense. I read that you should only use a small amount of lotion, but really, what’s small to me isn’t small to someone else. And, not using any lotion does make more sense in terms of allowing your feet to peel better. I had done one more peel since that post and got so-so results. I didn’t use the lotion religiously, but only because I can be a bit lazy about my feet. I still like the product and think it’s worth it for $3.50. I would love to know how your results are, especially since you have the Baby Foot peel to compare it to.

      Oh, and if you’re always on the lookout for good foot products (I can’t be the only one with hooves! ;)), I’m trying out the Heel of Approval Cracked Heal Treatment from Bath & Body Works. So far I like it, but I’ve only been using it for a week. I’m not a big Bath & Body Works shopper, but I found they run great sales and I was able to score the spa-sized tub for $10.


  2. 3

    Tammy says

    Well, I am sitting here with my toesies wiggling in the sock covered booties as I read your blog. I washed and dried my feet first and then started the peel process, no soaking first. Not sure what the results will be like but will find out soon enough! I had read not to soak feet first so will see if that gives a differing result or not. I also read different things about how long to wear these things, but not sure what to think really. It may depend on how long I can sit here without walking around as much as anything else. Will keep your blog accessible so I can share the results! I’m thinking it might be easier than trying to learn Chinese or Japanese or whatever language the package is printed in!

    • 4

      Marie says

      Hi Tammy ~ I did a second trial of this peel without much luck. I’m actually going to do a third trial and then I’m going to look into the Baby Foot peel. These FAQs may be helpful. I found them when I was looking to do my second trial.

      I hope you get the results you want. Please post back with your results, as I would love to know if it worked for you. :smile:

  3. 5

    Kate says

    i soaked mine for the 2 hours and after 2 full days i noticed that my skin look older and more wrinkly. also like my skin felt looser and very very thin. when i stretch out or wiggle my arches it also feels different. has this happened to anyone else?

    • 6

      Marie says

      I haven’t had that happen, but maybe your skin is preparing to slough off? I hope whatever it is resolves itself soon.

  4. 7

    kate says

    After the 5th or so day they felt dry but no peeling so i put a second pair on and the next day they started to peel by the second day they peeled like crazyyyyyy.

  5. 9

    Amber says

    I’ve got my feet in the booties right now, the eBayer seller said to only leave mine on for 45 minutes and that it takes 7-9 days to work so I’ll be interested to see what it does! I take a lot of care of my feet but the edges of my heel I can’t get as soft as I want so that’s why I’m trying the booties out :)

    • 10

      Marie says

      You’ll have to let me know whether you are happy with your results. I need to do another peel again, I’m just waiting for Autumn to start where I am.

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